Wellcome To My World
Tanha Musafir

Faisal Shahzad

Few Relations In Earth Never Die

Relations are made for life, lifes are not made for Relations.  I was a very jolly man. This world make me mature very soon but the child inside me dont want to die soon some time it appears and i do some stupid activities. over all..... Fighting with the life...... In the hope of success. I want to enjoy my coming life. its enough for me i dont want to write a novel now. Thanks And  GOD bless you who ever u are reading this...:)
 iNnOceNt KillEr..
HeArT hAcKer..
 LoSt SouL..
 ~silent ANGEL~
 DeViL's DaD.. 
open ur heart & accEpt This LoVe
kuch phoolo sa pyar karte hai
 kuch sitaro se pyar karte hai
 hum unse pyar karte hai
jo hum se sa pyar karte hai 
umhhhhhhh mai jhut bhaut bolta hu yeh sabse bara sach hai yehi sabse bara jhut hai
i belive in love to its extreme and passion fr lovers,
♥♥.....Listen to my heart,.......♥♥
♥♥.....Feel my heartbeat,.......♥♥
♥♥......close your eyes & .......♥♥
♥♥......hear the symphony,....♥♥
♥♥......... You will realize,......♥♥
♥♥........ You will feel that.....♥♥
♥♥..how much I love you all...♥♥
♥To love some one - is a natural instinct.
To be loved by someone - is luck.
To live with someone U Love - is an achievement.
To live with some one who loves U - is life! ♥ 
♥Living for love♥
♥Loving to Live♥ 
my rose of love for you...
just click on ther link and accept it..
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Note:Guys Stop copying My About me..!!!It took more than 4 days of writing..!!!So it would be good if you stop copying Others and write your own..!!! Thank you!

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 íŋtяöÐuctïöŋ:About Me
 Well Who eM I..!!!
eM Just a simple Guy..!!!
eM No-one Special..Just a common Guy with common thoughts..!!!
I've lead a Common Life..!!!
There are no monuments dedicated to me and My name will soon be forgotten..!!!
But In respect,I've succeeded as Gloriously as anyone who ever Lived..!!!
I've Loved Another with all my heart and Soul and for me that has always been enough..!!!
And eM Proud to be who I eM..!!!
  Well that was Just an Intro..!!!
eM as hard as A Nut..!!!
With An Agressive Attitude and determined mind..!!! My hommies say that eM Strong..!!!
But In reality I ain't..!!!
Main Flaw.."eM human"..!!!
People mostLy forget that I do have feelings..!!!
I do Cry when someone hurts me..!!!
I do feel hated when someone cheats me..!!!
I ain't perfect..NO-ONE is..!!!
I had been Trying to please the Whole World regardless of what I would Get In return
But sometimes,you just develop An X-pectation which bothers you All the time as
All of us are different from Eachother..!!! 
In All i've learnt that Everything happens for a reason because Its In My Fate..!!!
I'll Always look for the Positives even In the Negative Attitude I recieve from anyone..!!!
I Believe in my Own rules..that is to be true With everyone..!!!
My Life is too short for some Vengeance..!!!
I ain't Answerable to Anyone rather than The Allah Mighty Allah who Created me and everyone else..!!!
I Always Believe that whatever I'll
do in my life will Echo In My eternity..!!!

Dunya Mein 3 tarah k log hote hain 1 acche 2 bure 3 mere jaise hahahahahahaaha..............



eM Just a simple Guy..!!!

eM No-one Special..Just a common Guy with common thoughts..!!! 

Well Who eM I..!!!

eM Just a simple Guy..!!!

eM No-one Special..Just a common Guy with common thoughts..!!!

I've lead a Common Life..!!!




α tιяєd мαи thαt loиgs to sιt, ьut just сαи't ƒιиd α sєαt

ι hαvє иothιиg, ьut thαt vιsιoи to яєƒlєсt uρoи

Hum se milo gey tu hume paoo gey mukhlis
Har chand kay hum ikhlas ka dawa nahi karte



 ♥ Ambitious in Life & Attractive Looks

♥ Benevolent & Bold to express my views

♥ Caring towards Near & Dear & Courageous, when needed to be

♥ Dependable anytime & Dedicated at work

♥ Elegant Dressing & Excellent Listener

♥ Faithful

♥ Good-looking & Guides others, if asked for

♥ Humorous at times & Honest to my conscience

♥ Independent

♥ Judicious & Jovial with Pets & Kids

♥ Kind to Poor

♥ Low Profile at few places

♥ Master of Mercurial & Maintains Privacy

♥ Nesh (soft; delicate; tender) & Neat

♥ Open-minded & Optimistic

♥ Prudent & Persuasive

♥ Quiet at times & Quaint All the times…

♥ Responsible & Respectful to all

♥ Self made , Silent in General & Sensitive

♥ Thoughtful & Tolerant

♥ Unique & Utile

♥ Vivacious & Vivid Thoughts

♥ Work Dedicated & Well-groomed

♥ Xenodochial (kind to strangers)

♥ Young at Heart

♥ Zealous